The Waiting Game by Sheila Bugler

Someone is stalking Chloe; breaking into her house when she’s asleep and making sure she’s knows they have been there. The book follows the police investigating and their personal relationships, Chloe and her colleagues, Chloe’s ex boyfriend and another woman reporting the same thing. The reader is left having only a few ideas about who might have done it and why.

The book is easy to read with short chapters that help keep the pages turning. It is one of a series of books but I haven’t read those leading up to this one before reviewing it. I feel that if I had read the previous books I might have more of a connection to the central character; DI Ellen Kelly. Unfortunately I’m left feeling a bit indifferent about all of the characters. None of them were particularly likeable and didn’t leave much of a lasting impression.

One part that was a bit strange for me was the shortening of the name Geraldine to Ger. I can’t work out how it would be pronounced.

I was sent the book because I was a fan of Sophie Hannah and Karin Slaughter. I don’t think this quite measures up. The end of the book was fast paced but perhaps too much unnecessary information was dropped in to link it to the previous book that made it feel drawn out to start with. This is always a problem with trying to pick up books halfway through a series.

I would recommend the book to anyone who has read and enjoyed crime books that are easy to read and fast paced. I would struggle to recommend it as a psychological thriller.

2/5 stars

Get the book here The Waiting Game: You never know who’s watching …

I received this book in exchange for a review

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