Closer Than You Think by Karen Rose

Faith has inherited an old house after her grandmother died. It has been empty for 23 years, but Faith uses it as a chance to start over and reinvent herself. She had previously been a therapist to some of the worst kinds of criminals which led her to dangerous situations that she wants to leave behind her. Unfortunately for Faith the house is far from the safe place she hoped it would be.

Something awful has happened there in her past leaving the phrase “12 steps and an empty basement” haunting her thoughts and leaving the reader keen to know more. The book follows a police task force and Faith through a major investigation into what has been happening at the house.

In typical Karen Rose style this book jumps right into the action. It’s fast paced, tense and dramatic. There are twists and turns in every chapter and you never quite know what people are hiding. I could visualise the characters well and although complicated, the plot was never confusing.

If you loved other books by Karen Rose this doesn’t disappoint!

If you liked this you might also like Someone Else’s Skin and Crash and Burn

3/5 stars

Get the book here Closer Than You Think

I received this book from in exchange for a review.

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