Us by David Nicholls

Douglas and Connie have planned a great holiday through Europe with their teenage son Albie who is soon to leave home and start college. One last big adventure as a family. Connie tells Douglas that she thinks their marriage is over, making the adventure seem awkward and uncomfortable but also the one last chance to enjoy family life and maybe get things back on track for Douglas.

Douglas is the storyteller throughout and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. He does his best to fit in but never quite gets there. Douglas has a strained relationship with Albie and this obviously causes conflict with Connie.

The journey through Europe takes on a different feel for each country they visit, and this is interspersed with tales from earlier on in their relationship; From meeting each other, to travelling and on to the unfortunate loss of their daughter Nicholls keeps it funny and heartwarming with a touch of sensitivity.

…it occurred to me that perhaps grief is as much regret for what we never had as sorrow for what we have lost.

This book is wonderfully heartwarming but also terribly sad. It’s been one great journey through Europe but also through family life from all perspectives. I loved One Day so had high expectations from Us. It was everything I wanted; a great read!

4/5 stars

Get the book here Us

I received this book from Mumsnet in exchange for a review.

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