The Bookstore by Deborah Meyler

Esme has moved from England to New York to go to college. She finds that she is pregnant and is dumped by her boyfriend before she has a chance to tell him. She decides to keep the baby regardless and so gets a job at a quirky old bookstore to try and save some money for when the baby arrives. It’s here at the bookstore that she meets some weird and wonderful characters that the story really gets interesting.

The book is written in a very accessible style; quite chatty and light so it’s a nice easy read. Any book about books, book shops and people who loves books will automatically appeal to me. Add that to a story about a woman deciding that she doesn’t need a man to support her and it sounds like the ideal book for me.

Esme is a strong character who wants to make it on her own. She is not faultless; showing a weaker side when others take advantage of her trusting nature. She struggles to stay strong at times. Overall she is a lovely character who you can easily relate to.

A great debut novel about love, family and friendship.

4/5 stars

Get the book here The Bookstore

I received this book from Mumsnet in exchange for a review.

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