The Silence of the Sea by Yrsa Sigurdardottir

An expensive yacht crashes into Reykjavik harbour and is found to have nobody onboard. The crew and a family of four have disappeared without a trace. The family who disappeared have left behind a toddler with her grandparents who hire a lawyer to help investigate the disappearance.

This book starts reading like a ghost story with a very dark spooky feel throughout. I felt much more drawn to the events onboard the yacht rather than the story of the lawyer looking into the case. Luckily for me the book is much more focussed on the events rather than the resulting investigation.

Bit by bit the reader learns what really happened on board. Small occurrences give a sense of increasing danger but it’s unclear where that danger is coming from.

I struggled to keep on track with this book. It didn’t hold my attention and I was easily distracted by other things. It’s a relatively slow paced thriller; things do keep happening to keep the story going but failed to draw me in. Overall a good slow paced thriller.

3/5 stars

Get the book here The Silence of the Sea

I received this book from in exchange for a review.
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