Cop town by Karin Slaughter

Atlanta 1974 Kate Murphy starts a new job with the police. At a time where racism was widespread, being a female cop was also very tough.

…the only thing the black and white male officers could agree on was that none of them thought women should be allowed in uniform

Cops are being murdered all over the city and the whole police force are looking to find out who did it before the situation can escalate out of control. Nothing like being thrown in the deep end for the new girl!

Kate is soon partnered with Maggie who is from a family of male cops. She still doesn’t get the respect of her male counterparts, but she’s a good mentor for Kate.

Karin has stuck to her normal fast paced and tense storylines but set them in the past with a police force riddled with racism and sexism. This kept me up well into the night where one more chapter often turned into two or three. Fans won’t be disappointed.

The killer was only revealed at the last minute and was not who I expected at all. I found the journey the characters took was far more important than the killer’s identity; more so than usual for a Karin Slaughter book. It showed the stark reality of a time where attitudes were changing towards racism and feminism, but not everyone was willing to change.

I’ve seen a few reviews from fans who didn’t like Karin’s latest book. I found it refreshing that she could change her approach and still bring together a fast paced book with a lesson to learn. You can’t please everyone, but I think Karin might have widened her appeal with this one.

4/5 stars

Get the book here (UK) Cop Town

Get the book here (US) Cop Town: A Novel

I received this book in exchange for a review on NetGalley 

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