The Great Zoo of China by Matthew Reilly

The Chinese government have kept a new species a secret for forty years. They plan on unveiling the animals to a select group of VIPs. Nothing could go wrong, or could it?

The book description and first few chapters make it sound very similar to Jurassic Park, the book even references it at one point. I later found out it was Matthew Reilly’s favourite book. The characters are taken to a spectacular zoo with high speed trains and a theme park type feel. Like the Chinese version of Disney land, this Zoo was built to boost China’s reputation and increase its cultural relevance. A group presentation and demonstration of the animals seems very impressive on the surface but small bits of information suggest it isn’t as wonderful as it first seems. Soon things get out of hand and it turns dangerous very quickly.

I can imagine it being released as a high action film as it never stops. It is so tense and dramatic you can barely draw breath between chapters. The only problem was that I felt it didn’t fit the central character. She was put in some unbelievable situations and dealt with them as if she was James Bond. The book is full of death and destruction, with most deaths being graphic and gory. About halfway through the book could have finished as there was a whole story there already. From the information I read afterwards this sounds like exactly what you normally get from Matthew Reilly books, so fans of his previous books will love this.

If you like big scale action then this book is for you.

3/5 stars

Get the book here (UK) The Great Zoo Of China

Get the book here (US) The Great Zoo of China

I received this book in exchange for a review on NetGalley 

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