Hausfrau by Jill Alexander Essbaum

Anna is an American living in Switzerland with her husband and three children. Anna always seems to not quite fit into Switzerland, despite living there for nine years. Not speaking the same language as her family doesn’t help that, but neither does Anna’s passive attitude towards making friends. Anna fills her time learning German, going shopping and having affairs with men.

 I couldn’t like Anna. It was frustrating reading her story; something I hope to never experience and can’t even begin to empathise with. She lets things happen to her and just accepts it rather than having the drive to get the things she wants and to make herself properly happy. She makes small gestures like going to see her therapist, but essentially her relationships are formed by accident and she has no control over her life.
Inevitably something bad happens. You always know there will be something to drag her down further, but I didn’t guess what that was going to be. Two incidents happen very close together that are heartbreaking for Anna. This is when I really started to feel for her. The situation spirals out of control very quickly and Anna is left to deal with the consequences of her actions. Jill’s description of depression and despair in the final few pages seemed spot on, and you really feel for Anna at the end.
3/5 stars
Jill has previously had her poetry published, but this is her debut novel.
You can get the book here Hausfrau (UK) or here Hausfrau (US)
I received this book from NetGalley 

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