Black Chalk by Christopher J Yates

Black Chalk starts with a regretful man who has been hiding for years. Fourteen years previously he was involved in a game and now it’s time to finally finish it.

The book follows his retelling of the game and how it started. The innocent fun of 6 students soon turns dark and the consequences of what they started becomes apparent. What was meant to be a simple game ends up destroying more than they could have imagined. Everyone wants to win, but what price are they willing to pay?

This is another book I could see easily being made into a film or TV series. A dark psychological thriller that makes you wonder how far you would go in similar circumstances. There were parts of the story that made you dread what was coming next, and parts that made you cringe for the characters involved. At times the characters are charming and likeable, whilst others show signs of pure deceit and manipulation.
Get the book here Black Chalk (UK) and here Black Chalk (US)

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