My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She’s Sorry by Fredrik Backman

Published in the UK as My Grandmother Sends Her Regards And Apologises, I have reviewed the U.S. version with a slightly different name and book cover.

Elsa is seven and her granny is seventy seven and a little bit crazy. She has a paintball gun and seems to get into trouble a lot in her old age. Early on it is clear than granny has lived an interesting life and you want to know more about it. She also has a secret language she shares with Elsa along with a secret kingdom where they can escape the real world and it’s silly rules. Granny isn’t a big fan of rules.

Elsa is a wonderful character; a seven year old who is wise beyond her years and uses Wikipedia to understand the world around her. She’s a little bookworm who corrects other people’s grammar and can’t understand people who haven’t read Harry Potter, or don’t like Star Wars.

Granny sends Elsa on a treasure hunt; it’s an important mission but it also means she has to meet some strange and interesting characters. Elsa finds the fairytales meant more to Granny than she realised. The mission helps her understand who Granny used to be before Elsa came along.

I couldn’t wait to start reading this book. I adored Ove, the grumpy old man in Fredrik Backman’s first novel. Fredrik is a Swedish author who really makes you care about the characters. As expected this book didn’t disappoint at all.

Fredrik Backman exposes his characters flaws and then makes you love them anyway. His writing is humorous whilst also being very honest and endearing.

If I had to put this up against A Man Called Ove it would be too close to call. This is another stunning book from Fredrik Backman that I will be recommending to everyone.


Read my review for Fredrik Backman’s A Man Called Ove here A Man Called Ove

Buy the book here My Grandmother Sends Her Regards And Apologises (UK) Or here My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She’s Sorry (US)

The UK release date for this book is the 4th of June and the U.S. release is the 16th June.

I received this book from NetGalley.

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