Lost & Found by Brooke Davis

Millie is a seven year old girl with lovely innocent ideas about the world. She has a list of dead things and people, one of whom is her dad. After her dad dies Millie is left behind in a department store waiting for her mum who never comes back to get her.

Millie is a strong and determined little girl who brightens the book up and adds humour. She is a great dichotomy to Karl and Agatha who, now in their eighties, have little left in their lives. They have both lost loved ones and are living their final few years alone. Millie brings the three of them together in a journey across Australia in the search for her mum.

Chapters are split between the characters, with them taking turns to tell their story. You learn about how Millie lost both her parents, of the love and longing felt by Karl for his dead wife, and the regret felt by Agatha. After all they have lost they manage to find each other.

Millie’s chapters were charming and sometimes humorous. She has a lovely view of the world; full of innocence but also very observant of adult behaviour. Karl’s were touching, but I found Agatha’s hard to get on with. Overall this is an easy to read touching story about three unlikely companions.


Get the book here Lost & Found (UK) or here Lost & Found (US)

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I received this book as a member of the reader review panel for Lovereading.co.uk

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