Crash and Burn by Lisa Gardner

Nicky is in a serious car crash. When she comes round and starts trying to escape she is plagued with flashbacks of another accident occurring. She isn’t overly bothered by what’s happened to her but she is really concerned about a little girl called Vero.

When her husband, Thomas, turns up at the hospital he tells her there is no Vero, and this is the third time in six months that Nicky has suffered a concussion. The police don’t particularly trust Nicky’s husband and neither does Nicky. With three traumatic brain injuries she needs to work out who she is, who her husband is, and whether she trusts him.

This is the third book in a series but I read it as a standalone novel.
Lisa represented traumatic brain injuries well. The fuzzy memories and odd feelings could have been confusing but they were easy to follow. I wanted Nicky to be the one to figure it all out as it felt like she was being manipulated by her husband. I was pleased to find her assertive and strong minded. She was determined to find out what happened so she could get on with her life. At first the story felt a little slow and confused but as the truth started to unravel the book was hard to put down.

The story is full of revelations; some you see coming and others are a good surprise. The unreliable narrator of Nicky works well with her brain injuries causing confusion for both herself and the reader. It’s hard to know who to trust. Everything falls into place nicely in the final few chapters and wraps up with one final twist that brings all the pieces together to a satisfying conclusion.


Crash and Burn is published in paperback on the 16th of July.

Get the book here Crash & Burn (UK) or here Crash & Burn (US)

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I received this book from NetGalley

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