The Bones of You by Debbie Howells

The Bones of You starts right at the point of Rosie’s death. An eighteen year old murdered by an unknown attacker, leaving her community in shock. Kate, the woman next door who befriended Rosie is curious about what really happened and it seems the police are taking a long time to find anything concrete.

The story mainly alternates between Rosie’s life story and Kate’s journey to finding out the truth. I expected Kate to be on the hunt for a killer, but it’s much more subtle than that; events happen over a number of weeks as the truth gradually reveals itself. Rosie’s story after her death looks back at events through her childhood with adult eyes and interprets the secrets kept hidden from the rest of the world. Her perfect family are not as perfect as they first seem.

It’s hard to trust anyone in the book. One moment you feel you’re sure of the killer then you think they definitely aren’t and it must be someone else. Your feelings change for each of the potential suspects as the story progresses; each in turn being evil and manipulative one minute and gentle and kind the next. I guessed the murderer about halfway through but kept changing my mind. The final result was spot on in my eyes; not too predictable but not completely out there either. A great psychological thriller.


The Bones of You will be published on the 16th of July.

Get the book here The Bones Of You (UK) or here The Bones of You (US)

Similar books include The Lovely Bones

I received an advanced copy from the publisher via NetGalley

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