Three Twisted Stories by Karin Slaughter

Karin Slaughter is a great American crime writer. I have read most of her previous books and even had a character named after me in Broken. This was an obvious choice for me. Karin’s crime novels are of a high standard and always keep you guessing. Her short stories and novellas try something a bit different. They look at the weird and wonderful and jump straight in to exploring quirky people. These Three Twisted stories are no different.

The first story is about Charlie, the used car salesman in the 1970’s who is caught up with some bad people. I quite liked this quirky story about facing up to the consequences of his actions. It was dark with a bit of humour. The characters were those you’d love to hate. I didn’t like the stereotyping of women as it was occurring but the twist in the tale made it so worthwhile. There was a point where I thought Karin was ending the story and I was ready to be disappointed but then another twist came and gave it another level of darkness. This was my favourite, even if it was a little unbelievable in places.

The second story was about a girl whose mum has died and left her to take over running the family home. This was a very short story that worked as an easy way to break up the two other longer stories. Another dark twist to the story, but I wasn’t overly keen on the subject matter. It’s an uncomfortable story but well written without wasting pages unnecessarily.

Mindy the world record adjudicator is the main character in the third story. It follows her correspondence abroad whilst trying to see if a man has the longest tongue in the world. Whilst there she experiences some unfortunate and humorous circumstances that get her into trouble. Although not my favourite I still enjoyed this light hearted story. She has a habit of babbling in her correspondence and going off on tangents which was annoying at first but soon it became clear why. It is a great way of expanding the story whilst keeping it in email form.

Overall a great compilation of slightly dark and twisted stories. Great for those reading slumps when you’re between books and not sure what to read next.


Get the book here Three Twisted Stories

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I received this book from NetGalley

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