A Game For All The Family by Sophie Hannah

Justine and her family move to a new house in the countryside. Ellen, her daughter, is set an assignment to write a story and she devotes most of her time to writing it. She writes a murder mystery set in their new house and names one of the characters after herself. Ellen’s best friend George has been expelled from school which makes her very upset, but when Justine confronts the school it appears that George doesn’t exist. Justine is also receiving threatening phone calls, making three mysteries that need solving.

The book alternates between Justine’s life and Ellen’s story which gives variety to the book without confusing things. It took a little longer than I expected to really get into the story but it soon picked up pace and threw in some revelations to get you hooked. 

I never really connected with Justine as a character and her odd way of thinking. The two children, Ellen and George were the stars of this book. Both 14 and very articulate; their story was the most interesting. George is a lovely mature teenager if a little odd at times. Whether he exists or not I will leave you to discover yourself. Ellen’s assignment really drew me in. I could visualise it more vividly than the rest of the book and Justine’s experiences. It was her murder mystery that I wanted to solve, rather than identifying who was making the threatening phone calls.

The book is cleverly written. A story within a story and a mystery within a mystery. You’re never really sure when the twists are coming or what is actually real.


A Game For All The Family is out on the 13th of August.

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I received this book as a member of the reader review panel for Lovereading.co.uk

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