When We Were Friends by Tina Seskis

A group of six friends have grown up together. After 25 years of friendship they still meet every year for a picnic, even if it is a little forced at times. This year the picnic doesn’t go to plan and their friendships are changed forever.

I struggled to like any of the main characters as they were introduced. They all seemed very self absorbed and the bitterness between them was an uncomfortable read. The realisation hit halfway through that each had their own struggles for a reason and I was nobody to judge. The way Tina wrote about drifting apart over the years and the strain of trying to maintain friendships that weren’t built to last made me pay more attention. That uncomfortable pull between loyalty and moving on was spot on.

By the end I wanted each of the women to overcome their issues and be happy. The revelations kept unraveling the various secrets that were kept hidden for a reason. They helped me empathise with the characters and understand them.

In a similar style to One Step Too Far, this book gives you one impression and then turns it on its head to show you a completely different story. I guessed a few of the twists but was in shock about others that crept up on me from almost nowhere.


I received a copy of this book from NetGalley.

You can get the book here Amazon.co.uk

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