Look At Me by Sarah Duguid

Lizzy is an aspiring actress in her thirties still living with her dad. She finds out she has a half sister she never knew and stubbornly contacts her and arranges to meet up. Eunice seems completely the opposite with a husband, flat and a steady job. It’s clear when they first meet that they are nothing alike. The other two main characters are Julian, the bohemian father and Ig, the brother. The family are still grieving over the loss of the mother and Eunice’s presence is quite a shock. You wonder whether she is a blessing in disguise, or a destructive intruder to the family.
Throughout the book I felt a strong sense of loss from all the characters. Eunice herself grieving for the family that never was, Lizzy’s longing for her mother, and Julian’s emptiness without her.

One part I wasn’t too keen on was Lizzy’s relationship and her career. They both felt like a tangent to the main story that could have worked better if they were developed more. I felt I was missing something there (maybe I was!).

Although irritating, at times I really felt for Eunice. She desperately wants people to like her and to feel a part of the family. She gradually gets more and more involved; interfering and doing things her own way despite the wishes of others. You wonder whether she is s bit naive or very manipulative. Lizzy quickly regrets inviting her to meet the family but it seems she is alone with her thoughts, until it is too late.

Look At Me is published in the UK on 25th February. You can order it here – Amazon.co.uk

I received a proof copy of the book from the publisher.


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