Blood Wedding by Pierre Lemaitre

Sophie works as a nanny, she has gaps in her memory and wakes up crying every morning. Her husband died a few years ago and she has struggled with life ever since. One morning she find the boy she was looking after murdered in his bed and she knows she has to run very far away.
Sophie’s disorganised thoughts are captured perfectly. She is very confused and clearly a very damaged and disturbed woman. Death seems to follow her everywhere and even she believes she is responsible even though she doesn’t remember doing it.
As her situation cannot get much worse the book switches to show the reader what happened to Sophie. Diary entries show events that contributed to her state of mind and it’s a compelling read. The short entries keep you wanting more and the details are chilling. Day by day Sophie struggles with her escalating situation and the reader understands exactly what is going on. The shocking details of each death are revealed as the book takes a much darker turn.
The final section of the book brings everything together into a dramatic and satisfying conclusion. Every detail is carefully planned, executed and explained within the book. The story is fast paced and gripping despite being a little unbelievable. I certainly hope there aren’t people who are that calculating and twisted in real life!

Get the book here and here from the 7th July.

I received a copy of this book from Real Readers and via NetGalley.

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