Pretty Is by Maggie Mitchell

Lois and Carly May were kidnapped at 12 years old by a man known as Zed. They escaped unharmed after six weeks spent in a cabin in the woods. Years later they are reunited and forced to consider what happened that summer.
The story is a compelling read from the start. It is clear early on that this isn’t a standard kidnapping and there is a lot to learn about what happened. The girls explanations were intriguing; I couldn’t relate to either of them but still needed to understand what they felt about the experience, and why. It is easy to race through the book whilst piecing together their backstory.
The end of the book left me wanting more. It was interesting to read from their point of view and their psychology rather than Zed’s, but I still felt a need to understand him. Sometimes unanswered questions can be a great strength, but in this instance it felt a little unfinished.

I received this book from the publisher and via NetGalley

Get the book here and here

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