The Honeymoon by Tina Seskis @tinaseskis @michaeljbooks

Jemma’s husband goes missing half way through their honeymoon in the Maldives. She has no idea where he is; did he leave willingly or reluctantly, is he safe or in danger, or even is he alive or dead. Tina Seskis once again draws you in and turns everything on its head.

Each chapter deals with either the present, or events from the past seven and half years that have led up to the disappearance. Jemma’s first person narrative for the present acts in stark contrast to the third person chapters from when she first met her husband. It serves to differentiate a very clear difference between Jemma before and Jemma after the disappearance. Other characters take over the narration briefly to help shed light on the truth.

I never seem to like the central characters written by Tina Seskis until much later in the book, and this is no exception. Despite being stuck in a devastating situation, I couldn’t warm to Jemma. She’s an unreliable narrator, with a guarded personality in the present, but is arrogant in the past. The stark contrast forces you to consider what may have happened to force such a change, or if she’s not being honest with herself. The other characters are a mixed bag. I warmed to some instantly whilst the others were constantly under suspicion.

Tina Seskis left me guessing until the very end, with an audible gasp when the truth finally emerged. A shocking, fast paced and very cleverly written psychological thriller!

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    1. I’ve found that’s the same for all of her books. Although I dislike them to start with I always tend to warm to some of them towards the end. I love how she shows someone who is completely shallow but by the end you feel sorry for them.


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