Don’t Close Your Eyes by Holly Seddon @HollySeddon @AtlanticBooks

Robin and Sarah are twins, and both are in a very dark stage in their lives for different reasons. They both hold onto secrets and regret after years of no contact with each other. Those secrets are gradually revealed through the book as the reader understands the love and loss they shared.

The chapters are craftily written to cover each sister’s story in both the past and present. Robin’s story is written in the third person which helps to portray how distant and withdrawn from the world she is. After being in a band for years she refuses to leave the house and be a part of her community. Her entertainment and sanity relies on the residents of nearby flats as seen from behind her curtains. Sarah’s story in is the first person and it’s much easier to relate to her. She finds herself lost after losing those closest to her as a result of silly mistakes. Jim has the wrong idea about her, so she’s determined to make things right for four year old Violet’s sake. The other characters in the book are each flawed in their own ways. Some I loved to hate, whilst others I felt sorry for their situation; wishing they had the motivation to change things.

Flashbacks to the 90’s give the reader a chance to see a time where everything was once normal, and how life became complicated for the girls overnight. They had a lot to deal with during their impressionable adolescent years.

This book is full of emotion as the secrets of the past are revealed. They creep up on the reader so gradually it’s hard to see them coming as nothing is as it first seems. Holly Seddon has been compassionate whilst exploring some hard hitting themes. Another great read to recommend!

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I received a copy of this book from Netgalley.

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