Insight Guides Great Breaks

Today I’m bringing a slightly different review to the blog by looking at the Insight Guides Great Breaks series. These are written by local experts and cover everything you would want to know about your destination. The great thing about them is the opportunity to download the free ebook to take with you on your break. These help you find the best restaurants and hotels while you are there, and makes sure you have the most up to date information available.

The guide starts with a fold out map of the city which is big enough to show the main roads, but not too big to walk around with. Next up there are key features of the city highlighted to give you some ideas of the types of things to do, with further details stored in the rest of the book. Coloured boxes are included through the guide to give quick snippets of information about various topics.

My favourite part of these guides are the tours to help you make the most out of each day. They have walking tours with a clear distance and time to complete, plus some longer routes for in the car. Telephone numbers, opening times and restaurants along the way are a great addition to ensure everything runs smoothly. Each stop on the tour has a brief overview of the history and features to help you learn more about the sites you are visiting.

The guide finishes with a travel tips section giving key information for getting around, things to do, and places to stay. Again, this has phone numbers, opening times and website details to ensure you can get the most up to date information ready for your stay. Overall, these guides give you everything you need for a 1-2 week stay.

There are some great UK stays in the Insight Guides: Great Breaks series, including Bath, Belfast, Edinburgh, The Lake District, Oxford, York, and many more.

I reviewed this series as a member of the Reader Review Panel.

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