Matilda at 30 by Roald Dahl

I received a copy of this book from the publisher, but still have my childhood copy that has been read many times.

What a pleasure to be able to share one of my favourite childhood books with my son. Matilda at 30 has been illustrated by Quentin Blake to imagine what Matilda might be doing at 30. Who couldn’t imagine her as a Chief Executive of the British Library? A World Traveller? Or an Astrophysicist? I love how Matilda at 30 could have pushed the boundaries to become something amazing. She was a feminist of her time and an inspiration for children.

Now to the story, Matilda at 30 is no different to Matilda the original story. It is a re-issue, with a beautiful hardcover to celebrate Matilda’s birthday. Matilda Wormwood is an under appreciated 5 year old who is wise beyond her years. Her neglectful parents don’t realise what a shining star Matilda is, and are characters you love to hate. They despise Matilda, which only makes us love her more for the pranks she plays on them. She loves to read, and this means Matilda has a view of the world that allows her to plot intricate tricks on the adults who wrong her. Another of those adults is Miss Trunchbull, the awful headmistress at school. She is the headmistress from your worst nightmares, and a complete opposite of the lovely, gentle and kind teacher Miss Honey. Matilda knows exactly who to trust at school, and Miss Trunchbull soon makes it clear she is not to be crossed, although that doesn’t stop Matilda!

Miss Honey takes Matilda under her wing in a world full of hateful, angry adults. What a great story to have as an early introduction to Roald Dahl. One thing I didn’t appreciate as a child was the wide range of language this book uses to enhance children’s vocabulary. My son loves the pranks, the way good wins over evil, and most of all the fact that adults aren’t always right. It is a reminder that hard work pays off, that you should fight for what is right, and that it really costs nothing to be kind.

Buy your copy here (no affiliate links):

Matilda at 30 – Chief Executive of the British Library

Matilda at 30 – World Traveller

Matilda at 30 – Astrophysicist

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