The Truth Pixie by Matt Haig @matthaig1

The Truth Pixie can’t help but tell the truth. She finds herself unable to control it and is honest about all the thoughts in her head, even the bad ones. This gets her into trouble with her friends and family leaving her feeling lonely and sad… until she meets Aada. The Truth Pixie changes her perspective and shows Aada that it’s ok to be sad sometimes, and that happy times are just around the corner.

There are so many amazing quotes in this book, I will keep some to share with my son when he needs them. This book is full of hope in the face of adversity, of accepting feelings no matter how bad they may seem, and working a way through to find the calm and happy on the other side. There are some really lovely messages in this book that I will read over and over again with my children. The illustrations and changing texts keep them engaged, while the rhyme ensures it still feels like fun while approaching a difficult and emotional subject.

Buy The Truth Pixie here:

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