Notes to Self by Emelie Pine @emeliepine @penguinukbooks

Notes to Self is a collection of chapters written by Emilie Pine covering key moments from her life. These aren’t cheerful memories from a happy childhood, but important recollections of life changing periods with social commentary.

The reader learns of an alcoholic father, a troubled teenager, trying for a baby, births, deaths and some outright scary situations in between. These stories have so much more depth than an autobiographical recollection.

I am not here.

The themes explored in each chapter may be seen as social taboos. Situations experienced alone, or where women struggle to express their feelings properly afterwards. Reading similar experiences gives comfort; that others have been through this too; that they understand. It also bring sorrow; that others have been through this too; that they also couldn’t talk about their experiences openly.

Not all of us made it.

Some parts made me cry, a lot! Utterly heartbreaking moments do not make for easy reading, but I couldn’t stop reading. I devoured the book. These are things that need to be discussed, but it doesn’t feel a burden. I felt emotionally exhausted but also empowered after finishing. I will be dwelling on these stories, I will not forget them.

…I am doing it anyway.

An honest, heartbreaking, but powerful exploration of the experiences that shape many of us.

Notes to Self will be published on 31st January.

Buy the book here:

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