Beneath The Surface by Fiona Neill @MicaelJBooks

Lilly, a straight A student collapses in class. Her mum Grace is determined to find out more about what caused the collapse and starts to uncover other secrets that Lilly has been keeping. Mia, Lilly’s younger sister is a great storyteller. She often gets in trouble at school and her vivid imagination helps her conjour up all sorts of theories about what has happened. She also guards one of Lilly’s biggest secrets. Patrick, the father has his own secrets and is struggling desperately to get on top of them. With the whole town making up conspiracy theories of their own, Grace is determined to understand what triggered her daughter’s new illness, whilst Patrick fights to keep the family together.

Beneath The Surface tempts the reader to keep going with the promise of secrets to unravel and increasing tension between the four main characters. The book is full of drama. Lilly and her friends, at 17/18 years old bring the troubles of being a teenager, falling in love, and keeping friendships together to the story. Mia covers the awkward transition at the end of primary school, with the need to find a friendship group but still remaining true to herself. Grace is a typically overprotective mum who would do everything for her children, whereas Patrick is a bit more laid back and gives balance and security to the family. As a family they feel complete, but their secrets leave cracks that start to creep up on them and threaten them all. Can they get through this together? Or will the secrets be too much?

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley.

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