The Confession by Jessie Burton

The Confession follows the story of Elise, Constance, and Rosie over more than 30 years and two generations. They are three very different women with a strong connection between them. Set in the 1980’s Elise and Constance meet for the first time and start to build an unbreakable bond. Thirty years later and we are introduced to Rosie, who never knew her mother growing up. This huge space in her life was filled with questions and made up stories of where her Mum might be, and what made her leave and never come back. Rosie’s Dad has always done the very best for his daughter, but one thing he can’t tell her is what happened to her Mum. He is frustratingly unclear about what happened, but he is obviously hurt and trying to protect Rosie from what might turn into a painful and irreversible truth. What if the worst did happen? Is it better to not know? Or better to confront the truth regardless of the consequences?

This dual timeline works perfectly to bring the three women and the impending confession to life. There are very few periphery characters, allowing the reader to focus in on the intricacies of the relationships between them. I was particularly drawn in by Connie, the secrets she held, the complexity of her life and her strong character. Personally I enjoyed the journey more than the reveal which is always a great compliment for a book like this.

Following the women in their 20s and 30s, The Confession unravels unhurriedly to reveal the truth behind why Rosie’s mother left. All three women experience challenging decisions they will need to live with. The devastating consequences of one of these decisions changed all of their lives forever. The loss of a mother is experienced all over again when the truth finally comes out leaving the characters and the reader feeling bereft.

The Confession is due to be published on 19th September. Buy the book here:

I received my copy of The Confession from the publisher.

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