I Know Who You Are by Alice Feeney

Aimee Sinclair, the actress, is under suspicion after her husband, Ben, goes missing. She is just finishing up her latest film when she is forced to call the police as her husband has seeming vanished without a trace. The police investigation brings up unexplainable events and Aimee is left trying to work out who may be framing her, and why.

I Know Who You Are alternates between flashbacks to Aimee’s childhood and the current day to help the reader understand who Aimee really is, and how she ended up in such an awful situation. Aimee is an unreliable character from the start as we learn of her past, and her true identity early on. Is she really responsible for the death of her husband, or is someone else involved and trying to get Aimee into trouble?

Alice Feeney is great at weaving stories full of unreliable narrators so the reader feels they can trust nobody. Aimee’s co-star, a rival actress, her agent, and a journalist are all suspicious characters who cannot be trusted. They all deceive each other, lie to the reader, and even to themselves. There are many characters we love to hate.

As the truth unraveled I didn’t feel cheated with the revelations as can sometimes happen with unreliable narrators. I was shocked at the final identity of the suspect, whilst admiring how how intricately the stories had been written together. The dramatic ending was gripping and shocking to the final few pages where the story is wrapped up in a definitive conclusion.

Buy the book here I Know Who You Are: A dark, chilling and clever psychological thriller with a killer twist

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