About The Author – Catherine Hokin @cathokin

About the Author My name is Catherine Hokin and I live in the rather brilliant West End of Glasgow. I write historical fiction which focuses on women whose voices have been misheard or misrepresented and about the challenges of power. I also write contemporary short stories which I like to think are a little twisted... Continue Reading →


About The Author – Rebecca Stonehill @bexstonehill

About the author My name is Rebecca Stonehill. I am from London but for the past four years have lived in Nairobi with my husband and three children where my husband's job as a water and sanitation engineer brought us. I have been writing for many years and had a number of short stories published... Continue Reading →

About The Author – Chantelle Atkins @chanatkins

About the author Chantelle Atkins was born and raised in Dorset, England and still resides there now with her husband, four children and multiple pets. She is addicted to both reading and music, and is on a mission to become as self-sufficient as possible. She writes for both the young adult and adult genres. Her... Continue Reading →


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