The Silence of the Sea by Yrsa Sigurdardottir

An expensive yacht crashes into Reykjavik harbour and is found to have nobody onboard. The crew and a family of four have disappeared without a trace. The family who disappeared have left behind a toddler with her grandparents who hire a lawyer to help investigate the disappearance. This book starts reading like a ghost story... Continue Reading →

Closer Than You Think by Karen Rose

Faith has inherited an old house after her grandmother died. It has been empty for 23 years, but Faith uses it as a chance to start over and reinvent herself. She had previously been a therapist to some of the worst kinds of criminals which led her to dangerous situations that she wants to leave... Continue Reading →

If I knew you were going to be this beautiful, I never would have let you go by Judy Chicurel

If I knew you were going to be this beautiful I never would have let you go is set in a "fictionalised Long Island" in 1972. It follow the lives of working class teenagers dealing with the pressures of growing up and the consequences of the Vietnam war. The title sounds so romantic, but this... Continue Reading →

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